ADI Part 2 and 3

Instructor Training


A new career as a Driving Instructor

If you're looking to change career and becoming a driving instructor is something that interests you, we can help. We are looking to expand the number of instructors that we have at Drive On and are looking for people who will train with us and, hopefully, work with us once qualified.

Don't believe everything you read about training to become a driving instructor. Many companies will offer attractive sounding packages but they're not so attractive when you read the small print! Others may insist that you have a certain make of car once you've qualified, which potentially increases your expenses when you're just starting out.


We're not like that. We only offer Pay as You Go training so that you only use the hours you require for each stage of the qualification process nor will we insist that you have the same car as existing instructors.

Once qualified we offer a low cost franchise and will look at the best option for you to ensure that we are providing the support you require.

Trainee Instructors

We can provide training for the ADI qualification process. From December 2017, the final part of the qualification process changed and moves away from the old Part 3 role-play test to a Standards Check style of assessment with no role play option.

You are allowed unlimited attempts to pass Part 1, however you only have 3 attempts for each of Part 2 and Part 3 so it is important to ensure that you are ready and confident to be able to pass these.

If you are unsuccessful and fail either Part 2 or Part 3 three times, you will need to start the qualification process again, but you have to wait 2 years from passing Part 1 before you can restart. Another reason to be confident of passing.

Part 1: Theory & Hazard Perception Tests

This is largely self-study and we can recommend a list of books to purchase (in addition to the Highway Code and Driving: The Essential Skills). We can help you with any queries on any of the areas that come up during your study.

Part 2: Driving Test

The Part 2 test is an advanced driving test and a very high standard of competence is required. You must show that you have a thorough knowledge of the principles of good driving and road safety and that you can apply them. You must satisfy the examiner on all or any of the following subjects:

  • Expert handling of the controls

  • Use of correct road procedure

  • Anticipation of the actions of other road users and taking appropriate action

  • Sound judgement of distance, speed and timing

  • Consideration for the convenience and safety of other road users

  • Driving in an environmentally friendly matter

A maximum of 6 driving faults is allowed; more than this or a serious or dangerous fault will result in a fail.

We will work with you to ensure that your driving is of suitable standard. We will have an initial assessment drive where we will identify any areas of your driving that needs to be improved and estimate the number of hours that you would need to meet the required standard.

Part 3: Ability to Teach

The Part 3 test is based on the Standards Check that ADIs undergo at least once during the lifetime of their ADI licence (renewed every 4 years). The test will last for one hour and you will have to provide a pupil as the DVSA will no longer carry out role play in the Part 3 test.

There are 17 items which will be marked, these are broken down into 3 top level categories:

  • Lesson Planning

  • Risk Management

  • Teaching & Learning Strategies

Each of the 17 items are scored out of 3 and to pass you will need to achieve a minimum score of 31 for a Grade B. To achieve a Grade A, you will need a score of 43 and above. However, if you score 7 or less in the Risk Management category this will be an automatic fail. In addition, if the examiner believes that your actions are placing you, the pupil or any third party in immediate danger, the test will be stopped and this will be an automatic fail.

In order to be able to teach there are a number of subjects that you will need to cover. This will be delivered in a structured manner on a one to one basis. Once the basics of instruction have been mastered, we can move onto how the test works and how to structure the lesson correctly.

Should you be wanting to go on a Trainee Licence, you will need to complete a minimum of 40 hours of training with an ADI. Once on the Trainee Licence, you will be in a position to gain experience by teaching real pupils and this will help with the Part 3 test. Some of your lessons will be supervised as part of the terms of the Trainee Licence to ensure that you are delivering lessons in an acceptable manner.



We can provide training and guidance to help you through the Standards Check. This may be as simple as an hour in a local coffee shop discussing the Standards Check and how to approach it, through to sitting in on your lessons with your pupils and providing feedback where improvements could be made to ensure success on the Standards Check.

Unfortunately many ADIs seek assistance with their Standards Check after they have already failed one. Please be proactive and if you feel you would benefit from assistance, contact us before you receive your Standards Check invitation! The earlier we can discuss the Standards Check and develop a plan, the better the result will be on the day.