Double Trouble!

In a first for Drive On, we had twins pass their driving test on 6th September. Nothing unusual about that, however what was unusual was that we were able to get them to the required standard for the same time.

They then took their tests at the same day & time at the same test centre. It could have backfired if one had passed and the other failed, or if they both failed. We were confident that this wouldn't be the case!

Some 35 minutes after leaving the test centre, they were back. Nothing we could do now, they were both capable drivers and had the ability to pass the test.

The result:


2 faults for one and 5 for the other. Excellent passes for them both, and they did well overcoming their test day nerves.

This is a great success story for a small, independent, driving school - having the ability to take the twins on their driving lessons and get them to the required standard for the same time and through their tests on the same day.