Under 17 Courses
Manual only - £70 per session

My son had his first 14+ driving lesson today and thoroughly enjoyed it. His instructor Paul was excellent and we have already signed up for another lesson. Would 100% recommend! 🚘🚘
Karen, 24th November 2019 - from Facebook reviews

My 15 year old daughter took part in the under 17 course today (7th April) with Richard. She thoroughly enjoyed herself, doing manoeuvres that took me weeks to learn & is definately hooked! She cannot wait until she turns 17 for driving lessons.

She came home with textbooks & lesson handouts which were very professional. If anyone is thinking of booking a driving experience for under 17 year olds, I highly recommend Drive On. Well worth the money
Janine, 7th April 2019 - from Facebook reviews

Our next Under 17 Driving Courses are on

Subject to CV19 restrictions being lifted.

Further dates in 2020 will be announced throughout the year.
All dates subject to change in the event of match fixture changes at Pittodrie.

Last updated: 7th May 2020

​​About the course

Our Under 17 course is designed to provide young drivers with a secure, stress-free environment where they will learn the basics of car control and manoeuvering, so that when it comes to their first on-road lesson they are better prepared and have the basic skills to build upon.

In our experience, young drivers who have taken part in Under 17 courses are more confident on the roads compared to those who have not undertaken any training prior to turning 17 and starting lessons on-road.

Ideally young drivers would take these courses in the 3 - 6 months before their 17th birthday, so that the information and knowledge is retained. However, we are happy for any young driver from the age of 14 upwards to take part in these courses.

As the sessions are conducted off-road, no driving licence is required.

During the session, we will cover:

  • The Cockpit Drill

  • Controls

  • Moving off and stopping

  • Steering exercises

  • Reversing

If you are interested please click on the button below and complete the form. We will contact you and confirm available times on our next confirmed date.

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